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EPG has been productively certified by ISO9002 Quality Administration System, ISO9001 High quality Management Technique, API certification, ISO/TS16949:2002 and ISO10012 measurement management system. Obtaining accrued cherished encounter in cooperating with overseas clients, Our product assortment also handles locking assemblies (clamping aspects/locking gadget), taper bushes, QD bushes, bolt-on hubs, torque limiters, shaft collars, motor bases and motor slides, chain detachers, chain guides, common joint, rod finishes and yokes. 4colors EPT slotting die cutting folding gluing strapping corrugated box production line

4color printing slotting rotary die chopping EPTT
I.Use and Attributes:
This EPTT can total the functions of feeding, printing, slotting, die cutting, counting and so on. It can conserve the operator and comprehend the computerized manufacturing. It is a higher-speed, higher successful and minimal use carton creation tools. The EPTT EPTT EPT EPT and personal computer software are internationally well-known brands, the top quality is secure and reputable. Utilizing male-EPTT interface, pc orEPTTmanagement, effortless operation, quick change orders.
All the printing EPTTs EPT EPT adopt German SIEMENS brand name. The EPTT EPTs are all manufactured of 40Cr and processed by grinding. The connection element of the EPTT element adopts keyless connection (growth sleeve), gets rid of the link gap, and is appropriate for the EPTT time period and higher speed procedure of the massive torque. The EPTT EPTT EPTT bearing, the EPTTant EPTT parts all adopt the Japanese NSK manufacturer.

II.Paper Feeding Unit

  1. EPT edge feeding system.

(one)EPT edge feeding system, boost the flow of enthusiasts, to keep substantial pace, minimal velocity paper feeding accuracy, the smallest paper width 350mm.
(two)Sectional adjustment of airflow and stress, matched with cardboard dimension.
(three)Positioning by the entrance baffle to decrease feed mistakes, enhance paper feeding, printing and die-chopping precision.
(four)Left and rigEPTT side baffle controlled by electric, outfitted with cardboard pat purpose.
(five)Rear cardboad body electric powered management front and again movement.
(six)Front paper baffle clearance guide adjustment.
(seven)With steady and intermittent paper feeding function. (optional or ongoing feed) as necessary.
two. Upper and reduced paper feeding roll
(one)Higher roller:The outer diameter of the 155mm steel pipe area coated with dress in-resistant NBR (nitrile-butadiene rubber ), equilibrium correction.
(2)Decrease roller: the outer diameter of the 155mm paper feeding roller floor embossed plated tough.
(3)Paper feeding force roller adjustment gap employing self-locking construction, adjustment range -12mm.
(four)The EPTT EPTT of the pressure roller is EPTn by the rolling cross coupling, which minimizes the abrasion and can make the EPTT more balanced.
3. EPTT individual and collectively all outfitted with alarm, carry on to ring the alarm when traveling, to ensure the security of operators.
1.The driving shaft is supplied with a friction type clutch to avoid the misoperation and harm to the EPTT.
two.The main motor is outfitted with defense unit (not start off EPTT locking when the host is not able to change the shipment).
three.Paper feeding unit electric automatic zeroing.
four.The EPTT carton use computerized zeroing unit, attempt printing one to 2 parts of cardboard can be adjusted to the appropriate situation, decrease cardboard squander.

III. EPT Device

1.EPT roller
(one)The outer diameter is 395.6mm (with diameter of 410mm).
(2)large high quality steel, surface grinding, tough chromium plating.
(three)Stability correction,efficiently procedure.
(4)Scroll hanging plate, utilizing the rigEPTT and remaining sides of the locking device, so that the more precise model of the hanging.
(5)Full version of the variation of the trench, the software of the 9mm hanging adhere.
(six)Loading and unloading printing board, foot change electric management EPTT and reverse.
two. EPT push roller
(1)Outside the house diameter is 155mm.
(two)Steel pipe surface area grinding, challenging chromium plating.
(three) Equilibrium correction,effortlessly operation.
(4)Self locking composition of force roller hole adjustment, changing variety -12mm.
3.The metal anilox roller (EPT in accordance to customer need for the mesh) (larger than 250 mesh matching ceramic roller)
(one) Outdoors diameter is215mm.
(two)The surface of the metal pipe is created of EPTd chromium plating procedure,challenging, clean wear.
(three)Dot regular, ink uniform.
(4)ProEPTT the provider life of printing plate and rubber roller.
(five)The anilox roller gap adjustment adopts self-locking structure, changing range -12mm.

four.EPT roller:
(1) Outside diameter is205mm.
(two)Uniform ink roller, coated with dress in-resistant rubber, rubber roller substantial paraEPTTc sort, to compensate for the pressure deformation, improve the impact of inking. EPT for the butyl rubber, shore hardness of 60 degrees or more, through the EPTT influence of great polish ink. The rubber roller is EPTn by the motor when the EPTT is stopped. When EPTT stopped, the ink gainedt stop, ink uniform.
(three) Self locking framework of rubber roller hole adjustment, modifying selection -12mm.
5. Section altering system
(one)Planetary EPT construction.
(two)The printing period is managed by pc and electrical EPTT control 360 levels(operating and halting the two can alter)
(3)The transverse period of the printing roller adopts electric powered adjustment, the adjustment selection is plusmn5mm.
(4)The printing plate roller uses the electric adjustment phase, to return to zero and the edition speed is rapid, adjusts the version precision to be higher.
6. Feeding roll
(one) Paper feeding higher roller, outer diameter of 86mm, high top quality steel plated tough chromium with 4 XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. wheels, diameter of 125mm.
(2)Paper feeding lower roller, outer diameter is 155mm, XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. paper roll plating challenging chromium.
(3)Self locking structure to adjust the clearance of the XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. roller, and the changing assortment is -12mm.
7.h2o Ink circulation framework
(1) EPT diaphragm pump for ink security, easy procedure and servicing.
(two) Ink filter,EPT impurities
(3)Outfitted with ink monitoring program, no ink alarm.

eight. EPT stage fiXiHu (West EPT) unit
(1) Adopt pneumatic brake mechanism. When the device is used for separating and modifying the section or cleansing, the brake mechanism limitations the EPT to rotate, and the fixed placement of the authentic EPT situation is managed.
IV. Slotting Device

  1. Outfitted with pre push wheel, the paperboard right after pre urgent line is not simple to crack.
  2. One shaft double knife slotting, heigEPTT adjustment adopts PLC and EPTT electrical adjustment, contact EPT manage.
  3. slotted section making use of PLC and EPTT input 360 degrees adjustment, quit and procedure each can be altered.
  4. slotting knife seat and press line wheel horizontal motion, undertake synchronous electrical adjustment. PLC contact EPT adjustment, immediate enter carton size, automated adjustment.
  5. Push-line hole adjustment adopts self lock construction, changing assortment -12mm.
  6. Slotting instrument box, high adjustment, traverse adjustment are equipped with anti-collision safety gadget.
  7. slotting knife width 7mm, alloy substance, right after heat treatment method, grinding, tooth shaped slotting knife, double blade trimming knife, knife edge is sharp.

V. Die slicing Device

1.EPT pad roller
(one)Adopts one:900 crankshaft rotation reversing 30mm swimming transverse structure.
(two)The outer diameter of the rubber pad roller is phi388.9mm.
(3)EPT pad roller for substantial high quality steel, area grinding, hard chromium plating.
(4)Stability correction, enhanced running balance
(5)EPT pad thickness 8mm, width 250mm.
(6)The self locking composition is adopted to adjust the hole between the pad roller and the cutter roller, and the changing selection is -16mm.
(seven)EPTT payment framework of rubber pad roller, automatic control of pad roll pace.
(8)rubber pad roller trimming construction, timely mend rubber pad area, keep the rubber pad roll flat.
two.Die roll phi360mm.
(one)The die roller is of substantial quality metal, the surface area is grinded, hard chromium plating.
(two)EPTT harmony correction, enhanced functioning steadiness.
(three)Die fixed screw hole spacing, horizontal 100mm, radial 18, screw gap M10.
(four)Application of line heigEPTT 22.60mm
(five)EPT template thickness 13mm, blade heigEPTT 25.4mm.
3.Die reducing stage changing system.
(one)planetary EPT type structure.
(2)Die reducing period using the computer and electric powered EPTT management 360 degree adjustment (operate, stop can be modified).
(3)The cutter roller transverse adopts electric powered adjustment, the adjustment range is plusmn5mm.
four.XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. roller
(1)Adopts the self – locking composition to change the clearance of the XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. roller, the adjustment selection is – 12mm.
(two)The EPTT EPTT of the paper XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. roller is EPTn by the rolling cross coupling, which decreases the abrasion and makes the EPTT a lot more stable.

VII.EPTnical parameter

one Variety MM 1270mm times2600mm
two Max pace Pcs/min a hundred and eighty
three Max paper feeding dimension MM 1200mm times2400mm
4 Min paper size MM 400mm times600mm
five Different feeding dimensions MM 1600mm times2400mm
six Max printing area MM 1200mm times2200mm
seven Wall plate thickness EPTT200 50mm
eight Feeding precision MM plusmn1mm
9 overprint accuracy(2/3/4color) MM plusmn0.5mm/ plusmn0.75mm/ plusmn1mm
10 Slotting precision mm plusmn1mm
eleven Die cutting precision mm plusmn1mm
twelve Overall EPTT(2/three/4color) 32KW/36KW/40KW

VIII.Major areas authentic area

Identify Brand amp EPT
bearings NSK, EPT
Electrical EPT Simens
EPT diaphragm pump ChangEPTTng
Keyless link ring HangEPT
electromagnetic valve AirTAC
Cylinder Tian ao
anilox roll HangEPT EPT
EPT roller ZheJiang HangEPT
Youli rubber Chaonai, EPTka

.EPTT-2400 EPT pace folding gluing strapping linkage line

The SYFC-2400 carton automated folding gluing EPTT is made and manufactured in accordance with printing, slotting, folding, gluing, and stacking. It has the functions of feeding, gluing, folding and forming many levels instantly. Use PLC manage, straightforward for touch EPT operation and pre-shop and control orders. Its high-velocity manufacturing ability, swiftly changing orders and very good stability can satisfy the shorter delivery cycle needs of our carton clients.
I.EPTT features:

  1. Thickness of 40cm outside wall plate thicken, folding part wall arm thickness 25cm.
  2. This EPTT adopts the style concept of South Korea’s EPTTngEPTT EPTT. It is the only organization in Northern city that makes use of a few sets of wall plates to resolve the folding arm, and achieves steady folding arm without having vibration.
  3. The folding belt adopts individual EPTT. Every team of belts is EPTn by a individual motor, which can proEPTT the support lifestyle of the belt and reduce the rigidity of the belt.
  4. The EPTT adopts EPT adsorption to transport cardboard, to make sure the stability and correction function of the cardboard throughout the operation.
  5. The folding EPT is geared up with a few stress line products to compensate for the disadvantages of the press line misfiring, and to remedy the scissors hole of the paste box.

six.The paste head adopts Japan Iwata glue spraying gear, which avoid the dilemma of end glue or inaccurate spray.
seven.EPTT computer change orders, computerized storage of orders and other functions.
eight.The counting and output device adopts a dropping kind paper feeding strategy and double snap perform, therefore fixing the difficulty of massive scissors mistake.
nine.The output element adopts a straigEPTT press type, which solves the difficulty of the standard hook lifting and the collapse of tiny cardboard.
ten.The printing office and the folding gluing office can realize differential linkage. Input the overall width of the paperboard , and the gluing box belt can be automatically tracked to obtain a minimum length of five-10cm among the paperboard and the paperboard to minimize the velocity of the belt and enhance the speed of the paste box. Reduce pointless belt wear.
II.The primary designs and technical specs:
EPTT pace: 180pcs/min
Max.cardboard dimension: 2600x 1200mm
Min.cardboard size: 600x 400mm
Relevant paper: 3ply and 5ply cardboard underneath 9mm.
EPT: EPTvinyl acetate emulsion PVA
The precision of the counter is 100% error-cost-free.
perform circulation chart:








III.Folding gluing EPTT perform introduction
one.Glue component: The gluing component adopts non-end approach or glue system to stay away from glue solidify, glue wheel hole easy adjustment. The dial is suitable for cardboard with a thickness of in between 1 and 12 mm. The amount of glue filling is straightforward to modify.
2.The folding gluing component velocity can be modified synchronously with the flexo printing slotting production velocity. At the very same time, folding belts and conveyor belts pace almost very same as flexo printing slotting velocity, keeping away from that the folding component and the printing slotting element are not synchronized, which may direct to cardboard jamming and inaccurate delivery.
3.The speed of the upper and lower belts can be modified individually, if their speeds are distinct and it can be altered to the very same velocity.
four.Folding cardboard undertake rubber roller way, straightforward to alter the folding angle.
five.The pre-push EPT utilizes higher and reduce rollers to modify the gap to increase the thickness of the cardboard in between one and twelve mm. The dial is easy to modify.
six.Cardboard stacking adopts mechanical indicates and sensors to obtain full EPTT.
7.The counter (sensor) counts the quantity of cartons for easy set up and dependability.
eight.Cardboard stacking use personal computer counting and precision pushing out.

IV.EPTnical parameter:

Max.pace 180pcs/min
Max.stacking height(mm) 350
Min.stacking height(mm) eighty
Max.amount of 1 EPT (piece) thirty
Min.amount of one EPT (piece) 10
Max.cardboard feeding (mm) 1200×2600
Min.cardboard feeding (mm) 400×600
The maXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum dimension of glue aspect(mm) 900
The maXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum size of opposite of glue side(mm) 800
Complete duration(m) twenty five
Flute sort A,B,C,E,A B,B C,B E

.EPTT strapping EPTT

one,Capabilities and feature
DBJ1200A product automatic strapping EPTT is largely utilized in automated strap soon after automatic stitching or automatic gluing, the EPTT incEPTTs turning, pat in get, pressurized strapping. Undertake PP strapping EPTT, company, no rebound, less injury in paper edge. The EPTT method routinely complete, with out XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.n intervention, can preserve a whole lot of synthetic EPT. It truly is first choice of EPTT firms to decrease use and increase income, these kinds of as printing EPTT, paper products manufacturing facility.

  1. Main structure

The EPTT is largely composed of four models: acquiring sheet turning device, pat in orEPTTunit, conveying device, and pressurized strapping device.

three,Each and every device principal function:
(one)obtaining sheet turning unit
one.EPTly EPT previous method cardboard conveying
two. Two-phase touch type turning, flip cardboard ninety degcorner.
(two)Pat in orEPTTunit
one.Can alter in accordance to different technical specs carton measurement.
2,4 directions routinely pat in orEPTTand positioning, and then express.
three,Pat can successfully take away the scissors.
(3)conveying unit
Express carton effortlessly following tidying, improve work performance
(4)pressurized strapping device
1,EPT strain to compact several cardboard.
2,PP EPTT automatic strapping, strap organization or elastic adjustable, paper edge harm is gentle.
three,EPTTally adapt to the cardboard size
four,Photoelectric detection strapping place
5,Strapping 1 ~ two way, utilizes the knob swap.
six,EPTTally express right after strapping.
(five) Working procedure
Receive sheet turning– #8594pat in get– #8594convey– #8594 pressurized strap– #8594finish conveying

4,EPTnical parameters
1, EPT name: automated strapping EPTT
2, Design:1200
3, Main technical parameter:
Max sheet dimensions:1200 times1200
Min sheet measurement:three hundred times400
Working pace:10pkg/min, 2strap/pkg
EPTT dimension: 5800(L) times2300(W) times1800MM(H)
3 phase 4 period program distribution (a few-section 380V zero
Overall EPTT:2.2kw
EPTT web excess weight:2.1T

  1. Principal function:
    A, Adapt to automatic strapping after automated stitching.
    B, Minimize count on manEPTT, substitute workers.
    C, Operate is compact, no need XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.n intervention.
    D,EPTT boxes following strapping are mouth tigEPTT and reliable, no rebound, much less sticky box edge breakage, and so forth
    E,Less employees, larger velocity, 2 ~ 4workers less than regular strapping EPTT, 10 to twenty employees much less than handbook strapping.
    F,Suited for exported EPTT, environmental EPTT, such as beverages box, beer scenario, immediate noodles box, ceramic tile box, these higher class EPTT carton containers.

five,Principal bought elements origin
A,Electric powered elements
Title Manufacturer
Inverter Schneider
Cont ctor Schneider
PLC EPT/Panasonic
photoelectric switch Omron/B F
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  in Kagoshima Japan  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 4colors Printing Slotting Die Cutting Folding Gluing Strapping Corrugated Box Production Line manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Kagoshima Japan  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 4colors Printing Slotting Die Cutting Folding Gluing Strapping Corrugated Box Production Line manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler