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China manufacturer X/B Series Gear Motor Reducer Cycloidal Gearbox combined worm gearbox

Product Description

— SINCE 1995

Xwd Bwd X/B Series Gear Motor Reducer Cycloidal Gearbox

Chinese electric motor speed reducer is widely used in mining machinery, chemical industry,steel metallurgy, light

industry,environmental protection, paper making, printing, lifting transport, food industry and so on.

Main Series Product: R series helical gear motor reducer, K series spiral bevel gear reducer, NGW, P series planetary gear reducer, H B series helical gearbox, Z (ZDY, ZLY, ZSY, and ZFY) serial hard tooth surface cylindrical gearbox reducer, D (DBY and DCY) serial hard tooth surface cone gear reducer, cycloidal speed reducer, etc. Meanwhile, map sample processing business can be undertaken.

Product Description


1. Big Volecity- Reducing Ratio:Ratio of single-stage speed-reducing is 1/11-1/87; Ratio of double stage speed-reducing is 1/112-1/5133;Ratio of three-stage speed-reducing is 1/2057-1/446571;more-stages can be combined according to the requirement.
2. High driving efficiency:Due to adopting rolling engagement in falling-in part, the driving efficiency can reach above 90%.
3. Small in size, light weight: with compacted structure,small size and light weight. Due to adopting the principle of planet driving so that the input and output shaft in the same axis which will integrated with the motor.
4. Long service life: Has good resistance to abrasion because the main driving engaging parts are made of bearing steel and applying rolling friction.
5. Stable running: for most driving procedure, we adopt multi-teeth falling-in. Then the running will be stable with low noise.
6. Convenient dismounting:reasonable structure and design.
7. Strong overloading ability,anti-compact,suitable for
frequently start and double-side rotation.

Product Parameters




X Series

B Series

JXJ Series






Single Stage: 87 

Double Stage:


Single Stage: 136/91 88/59 60/40 52/35 43/29 38/23 25/17 21/14 17/12 

Double Stage: 12.4 8 5.2 4.7 3.2 2.5 2 1.8 1.5 1.2 1 0.8 0.7 0.6 0.4 0.3


0.55kw 0.75kw 1.5kw 2.2kw 3kw 4kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw 15kw 18.5kw 22kw 30kw 37kw 45kw 55kw

Model selection for washing machine Gear Box Transmission:
Closely using the ideal reduction ratio.
Reduction ratio = servo motor speed / reducer output shaft speed
Torque calculation: Torque calculation is very important for the life of reducer, and pay attention to whether the maximum torque value (TP) of acceleration exceeds the maximum load torque of the reducer.
The applicable power is usually the applicable power of the servo models on the market, the applicability of the reducer is very high, the working coefficient can be maintained above 1.2, but the choice can also be based on their own needs to decide. industrial helical gearbox. H PV series High quality Right Angle Unique speed reducer HB helical gearbox / gear box.

Detailed Photos

Chinese Gearbox Speed Reducer is a mechanical transmission in many fields of the national economy. The product categories covered by the industry include all kinds of gear reducer, planetary gear reducer and worm reducer, as well as various special transmission devices such as speed increasing device, speed control Devices, including various types of flexible transmission devices, such as compound transmission. Products and services in the field of metallurgy(metal mills like plate flip machines, ingot pushers, winding machines,cooling bed transfer frames, roller straighteners, roller tables, shears continuous, casting drivers, slabbing mills, wire mills, sheet mills, plate mills), nonferrous metals, coal, building materials, ships, water conservancy(screw pumps, water turbines, centrifugal pumps, raking equipment, aerators, filter presses), electricity, construction machinery, chemical industry (extruders, dough mill, rubber calender, cooling drums, mixers, agitators, toasters, centrifuges), Cranes(slewing gears, luffing gears, travelling gears, hoisting gears), Cane sugar mills, paper machines,cooling towers,dredgers(dumping devices, travelling gears, bucket wheel excavators, cutter heads, traversing gears), conveyors(bucket conveyors, hauling winches, hoist, belt conveyors, goods lifts, apron conveyors, rail travelling gears, escalators), Plate bending machines, cement industry (concrete mixers, breakers, rotary kilns, tube mills, separators, roll crushers) and petrochemical industries.
In all fields of national economy and national defense industry, gearbox reducer products have a wide range of applications. Food light industry, electric machinery, construction machinery, metallurgy machinery, cement machinery, environmental protection machinery, electronic appliances, road construction machinery, water conservancy machinery, chemical machinery, mining machinery, conveyor machinery, building materials machinery, rubber machinery, petroleum machinery and other industries have strong demand of Reducer products.


Packaging & Shipping




Driven machines
Waste water treatment Thickeners,filter presses,flocculation apparata,aerators,raking equipment,combined longitudinal and rotary rakes,pre-thickeners,screw pumps,water turbines,centrifugal pumps Dredgers Bucket conveyors, dumping devices, carterpillar travelling gears, bucket wheel excavators as pick up, bucket wheel excavator for primitive material, cutter head, traversing gears
Chemical industry Plate bending machines, extruders, dough mills, rubbers calenders, cooling drums, mixers for uniform media, agitators for media with uniform density, toasters, centrifuges Metal working mills plate tilters, ingot pushers, winding machines, cooling bed transfer frames, roller straigheners, table continuous intermittent, roller tables reversing tube mills, shears continuous, casting drivers, reversing CZPT mills
Metal working mills Reversing slabbing mills. reversing wire mills, reversing sheet mills, reversing plate mill, roll adjustment drives Conveyors Bucket conveyors, hauling winches, hoists, belt conveyors, good lifts, passenger lifts, apron conveyors, escalators, rail travlling gears
Frequency converters Reciprocating compressors
Cranes Slewing gears, luffing gears, travelling gears, hoisting gear, derricking jib cranes Cooling towers Cooling tower fans, blowers axial and radial
Cane sugar production Cane knives, cane mills Beet sugar production Beet cossettes macerators, extraction plants, mechanical refrigerators, juice boilers, sugar beet washing machines, sugar beet cutter
Paper machines Pulper drives Cableways Material ropeways, continuous ropeway
Cement industry Concrete mixer, breaker, rotary kilns, tube mills, separators, roll crushers    

Company Profile


Established in 1995 , HangZhou Boji Machinery is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of Gearbox Speed Reducer. We are located in HangZhou of ZheJiang Province, with convenient transportation access. With our own brand “TianQi”, all of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.
Our company possesses complete machining center, lathe, gear shaping machine, gear milling machine, gear grinding machine and assembling lines. Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enables us to guarantee total customer satisfaction.
Besides, In 2005,we attained ISO9001 certification. As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global sales network CZPT South America, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa and other countries and regions.
With rich export experience, high quality products, competitive prices, good service and in-time delivery, we certain that we can meet all of your requirement and exceed your expectations. Our feature is bright with new cooperative relationships with companies from all over the world. We look CZPT to speaking with you to future discuss how we can be of service to you.


1. Who are we?
We are the Factory, with over 25 years of production experience, based in ZheJiang , China, start from 1995,sell to Domestic Market(50.00%),Mid East(10.00%),Southeast Asia(10.00%),Western Europe(5.00%),South America(5.00%),Eastern Europe(5.00%),Eastern Asia(5.00%),North America(3.00%),Africa(2.00%),Southern Europe(2.00%),South Asia(2.00%),Central America(1.00%).

2. Can you customize according to our requirements?
Yes, we can design nonstandard products according to customer’s drawing and sample.

3.What can you buy from us?
speed reducer,gearbox,gear motor,pump,crusher

4. Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
Founded in 1995, with over 20 years of production experience and credibility. With professional engineer team, advanced technology production and skilled workers.Specialized in the production of reducer. Map sample processing business can be undertaken.

5. What services can we provide?
Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW,DDP,DDU,Express Delivery;
Accepted Payment Currency:USD,EUR,JPY,CAD,AUD,HKD,GBP,CNY,CHF;
Accepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C,Credit Card,PayPal,Western Union,Cash;
Language Spoken:English,Chinese,Spanish,Japanese,Portuguese,German,Arabic,French,Russian,Korean,Hindi,Italian


Application: Motor, Machinery
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Layout: Coaxial
Gear Shape: Cycloidal Gear
Step: Double-Step
US$ 500/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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worm reducer

Advantages and disadvantages of worm gear reducer gearbox

If you are looking for a worm gear reducer gearbox, you have come to the right place. This article will cover the pros and cons of worm gear reducer gearboxes and discuss the different types available. You will learn about multi-head worm gear reducer gearboxes, hollow shaft worm gear reducer gearboxes as well as hypoid gear sets and motors.

Hollow shaft worm gear reducer gearbox

Hollow shaft worm gear reducer gearboxes are used to connect two or more rotating parts. They are available in single-axis and dual-axis versions and can be connected to various motor types. They can also have different ratios. The ratios of these gear reducer gearboxes depend on the quality of the bearings and assembly process.
Hollow shaft worm gear reducer gearboxes are made of bronze worm gears and cast iron hubs. The gears are lubricated with synthetic oil. They are lightweight and durable. They can be installed in various engine housings. Additionally, these gear reducer gearboxes are available in a variety of sizes. The range includes 31.5, 40, 50, 63, and 75mm models. Other sizes are available upon request.
In addition to worm gear reducer gearboxes, there are also helical gear reducer gearboxes. These reducer gearboxes can achieve very low output speeds. They are also suitable for all-around installations. In addition, the advantage of a multi-stage reducer gearbox is that it is more efficient than a single-stage gear reducer gearbox. They also feature low noise, low vibration, and low energy consumption.
Hollow shaft worm gear reducer gearboxes are generally less expensive and last longer. They are also a suitable replacement for solid shaft gearboxes for machines that require high torque without compromising strength. Typical gear arrangements include worm, spur, helical and bevel gears. Gear ratio is the ratio of input torque to output torque.

Multi-head worm gear reducer gearbox

The multi-head worm gear reducer gearbox is used to reduce the speed of the machine. It uses friction to hold the worm in place while transmitting power. These gears can also be called ground worms and hardened worm gears. They are useful in conveying systems and most engineering applications.
Multiple worm reducer gearboxes have a large number of gear ratios. These gear designs have a central cross-section that forms the front and rear boundaries of the worm gear. This design is a better choice than other worm gears because it is less prone to wear and can be used with a variety of motors and other electronics.
Adjustable multi-head worm gear reducer gearbox to reduce axial play. Usually, the backlash on the left and right sides of the worm is the same. However, if you need less backlash, you can buy a double lead worm gear. This design is ideal for precision applications requiring small clearances. The lead of the opposing teeth of the double worm gear is different from the right side, so the backlash can be adjusted without adjusting the center distance between the worm gears.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes are available from a variety of manufacturers. Many gear manufacturers stock these gears. Since the gear ratios are standardized, there is no need to adjust the height, diameter, or length of the shaft. Worm gears have fewer moving parts, which means they require less maintenance.
worm reducer

Hypoid Gear Set

Worm gears are the most common type of gear. While these gears are great for high-to-low ratios, hypoid gear sets are much more efficient in all ratios. This difference is due to higher torque density, better geometry and materials, and the way hypoid gears transmit force differently than worm gears.
Hypoid gear sets have curved helical teeth. This results in smooth gear meshing and little noise. This is because the hypoid gears start to slowly contact each other, but the contact progresses smoothly from tooth to tooth. This reduces friction and wears, thereby increasing the efficiency of the machine.
The main advantages of hypoid gears over worm gears are higher torque capacity and lower noise levels. Although their upfront cost may be higher, hypoid gears are more efficient than worm gears. They are able to handle higher initial inertia loads and can deliver more torque with a smaller motor. This saves money in the long run.
Another advantage of hypoid gears is the lower operating temperature. They also do not require oil lubrication or ventilation holes, reducing maintenance requirements. The hypoid gear set is maintenance-free, and the grease on the hypoid gear set lasts for decades.

Hypoid gear motor

A hypoid gear motor is a good choice for a worm gear reducer gearbox as it allows for a smaller motor and more efficient energy transfer. In fact, a 1 hp motor driving a hypoid reducer gearbox can provide the same output as a 1/2 hp motor driving a worm reducer gearbox. A study by Agknx compared two gear reduction methods and determined that a hypoid gear motor produces more torque and power than a worm reducer gearbox when using a fixed reduction ratio of 60:1. The study also showed that the 1/2 HP hypoid gear motor is more energy efficient and reduces electricity bills.
Worm reducer gearboxes run hotter than hypoid gears, and the added heat can shorten their lifespan. This can cause components to wear out faster, and the motor may require more frequent oil changes. In addition, hypoid gear motors are more expensive to manufacture.
Compared to worm gears, hypoid gears offer higher efficiency and lower operating noise. However, they require additional processing techniques. They are made of bronze, a softer metal capable of absorbing heavy shock loads. Worm drives require work hardening and are less durable. Operating noise is reduced by up to 30%, and hypoid gears are less prone to breakage than bevel gears.
Hypoid gear motors are prized for their efficiency and are used in applications requiring lower torque. A unique hypoid tooth profile reduces friction. In addition, hypoid gear motors are ideal for applications where space is limited. These geared motors are often used with pulleys and levers.

R series worm gear reducer gearbox

R series worm gear reducer gearboxes have a variety of characteristics that make them ideal for different applications. Its high rigidity cast iron housing and rigid side gears are designed for smooth drive and low noise. It also features high load capacity and long service life. Additionally, it can be assembled into many different configurations as required.
High efficiency, large output torque and good use efficiency. It comes in four basic models ranging from 0.12KW to 200KW. It can be matched with right angle bevel gearbox to provide large speed ratio and high torque. This combination is also suitable for low output and high torque.
worm reducer

AGKNX Electric Worm Gear reducer gearbox

AGKNX Electric worm gear reducer gearboxes are available with NEMA C-face mounting flanges for a variety of motors. These reducer gearboxes feature double lip oil seals, an aluminum alloy housing, and two bearings on the input and output shafts. These reducer gearboxes are rust-proof and have epoxy paint on the inside. They are available in a variety of ratios, from 7.5:1 to 100:1.
Worm reducer gearboxes are one of the most cost-effective and compact gears. These reducer gearboxes increase output torque while reducing input speed. AGKNX Electric’s worm gear reducer gearboxes are pre-installed with Mobil SHC634 Synthetic Gear Oil. These reducer gearboxes have an internal oil gallery guide to protect the shaft. They also have a one-piece cast iron housing.
AGKNX Electric Corporation is the leading independent distributor of electric motors in the United States. They have eight strategically located warehouses, enabling them to ship most orders on the same day. They offer motors of various sizes up to 20,000 hp. They also offer a variety of motor controls and variable speed drives.
China manufacturer X/B Series Gear Motor Reducer Cycloidal Gearbox   combined worm gearboxChina manufacturer X/B Series Gear Motor Reducer Cycloidal Gearbox   combined worm gearbox
editor by CX 2023-05-31

in Phnom Penh Cambodia sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier Planetary Gear Reducers 1500rpm Ratio 11 0.25kw Bwd0 Xwd1 Cycloidal Gearbox Motor Reducer manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Phnom Penh Cambodia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Planetary Gear Reducers 1500rpm Ratio 11 0.25kw Bwd0 Xwd1 Cycloidal Gearbox Motor Reducer manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

Entire use has been made of all types of sophisticated techniques and engineering to get to excelsior producing. If you are intrigued in any of our products or would like to discuss a possible order, you should truly feel totally free to contact us. Hangzhou EPG Co.,Ltd. , was founded in November, 1997. With its 5 wholly owned subsidiaries. Item Description

Cycloidal pinwheel EPT is a up-dated of new type transmissing EPT created with K-H-V considerably less tooth engagement and the cycloidal pin wheel clenching system, which are commonly utilised in EPT and lowering of textile and dying, foodstuff, mining and metallurgy, Oil and chemical Business, cranes and conveyors and undertaking EPTry and so on. various fields.

Rated Enter EPT of Cycloidal EPT for Solitary-stage EPT

Stand no. EPT Ratio
11 17 23 29 35 43 59 seventy one 87
.seventy five
.fifty five .37
.twenty five
.seventy five
.fifty five
.seventy five
.seventy five
X7 fifteen


High velocity ratio and higher effectiveness of solitary stage EPT, can attain one:87 reduction ratio, the performance of a lot more than 90%, if the use of multi-phase EPT, reduction ratio is greater.
Compact framework and small quantity because of to the adoption of planetary EPT principle, the enter shaft output shaft in the same aXiHu (West Lake) Dis.s line, so that its product to receive the smallest feasible dimensions.
Smooth working noise minimal cycloidal needle tooth meshing teeth number, overlap coefficient is large and has the system of areas harmony, vibration and sound limit in the minimum diploma.
The use of reliable, EPT existence since the primary areas of the higher carbon chromium steel material, following quenching therapy (HRC58 ~ 62) to obtain higher toughness, and, element of the EPT get in touch with employing rolling friction, so EPT life.

Application location

Cycloid EPT EPT makes use of cycloid tooth meshing, planetary EPT principle, so it is generally referred to as planetary cycloid EPT.
Planetary cycloid pin-wheel EPT can be commonly used in petroleum, environmental safety, chemical business, cement, transportation, textile, pharmaceutical, meals, printing, lifting, mining, metallurgy, design, EPT era and other EPT, as a driving or decelerating gadget, the EPT is divided into horizontal, vertical, biaXiHu (West Lake) Dis.al and direct assembly method.
Its EPT easy composition in a lot of instances can exchange the ordinary cylindrical EPT EPT and worm EPT EPT, consequently, planetary cycloid EPT EPT is broadly employed in different EPT and fields, by the vast majority of end users are EPTly welcomed.

Traits of transportation and EPT

Quick supply period,to guarantee timely supply.
TigEPT EPT,to make certain the goods are not destroyed for the duration of transportation.
Numerous modes of transportation,to make sure secure and timely transportation
Adhere to up the EPT approach of purchase,to ensure item shipping to clients.
EPT shelf existence, to guarantee consumer experience.


Q1: Are you a buying and selling company or a company ?
A: We are a maker in EPTngsu Province, EPT. Our company owns the capability of production, processing, creating and R ampD. We welcome your go to.

Q2: How we pick types and requirements?
A: In accordance to the particular specifics of the demands from the element of enquiry, we will suggest the products’ models upon synthesizing the factors of discipline of products usage, EPT, torque arm and ratio…

Q3: How is your cost? Can you offer any price reduction?
A: Our charges are alwaEPTcompetitive. If the buyer can spot a massive get, we surely will let low cost.

Q4: How EPT must I wait around for the opinions right after I deliver the enquiry?
A: We will reply the enquiries without any hold off, 12 several hours at most.

Q5: What is your solution guarantee period of time?
A: We have the certifications of ISO99001,CE,

Q6: What EPT are your EPTes becoming utilized?
A: Our EPTes are broadly utilized to metallurgical products, mining products, EPT gear, meals EPTry, EPT gear, tobacco gear and so on.

We hope to hear from you , we can supply you with the best services in phrases of items and charges .

  in Phnom Penh Cambodia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Planetary Gear Reducers 1500rpm Ratio 11 0.25kw Bwd0 Xwd1 Cycloidal Gearbox Motor Reducer manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

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in Aligarh India sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier X B Series Cycloidal Link Belt Gear Reducers Coaxial Gear Reducer Mulcher Gearbox Clear Plastic Gearbox Transmission manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Aligarh India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier X B Series Cycloidal Link Belt Gear Reducers Coaxial Gear Reducer Mulcher Gearbox Clear Plastic Gearbox Transmission manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

EPG will always adhere to it enterprise spirit of becoming functional, innovative, productive and excellent to make the top global transmission travel. With in depth requirments, we can also build your special designed item. Having accumulated treasured expertise in cooperating with foreign clients,

Item Description

EPT EPT X/B cyclo EPT pinwheel flange mounting EPT box pace EPT x/b collection for concrete mixer for skiphoist

Rapid Particulars:
XB series Cycloidal Pin Wheel Pace EPT

Enter Speed: one thousand-1500rmp

Output Velocity: .three-280rpm
Certification: ISO9001 CE

Ex EPT:.09-132KW

Guarantee: 1Years from the info of supply

Item Name XB collection Cycloidal Pin Wheel Pace EPT
The Gear EPT GCR15
The case EPT Forged Iron
Color Blue,Environmentally friendly, or Customized
HS Code 84834090
Design X3
Delivery time 7-10days
Model EPT


X Collection, Single 1 two 3 4 five six seven 8 9 10 eleven
B Series, One 1 two 3 4 5 6 seven 8
X Series, EPT 42 53 sixty three 74 eighty four eighty five 95 106 116 117
B Sequence, EPT 20 31 41 52 fifty three 63 seventy four 84 85
X Series Triple 642 742 842 852 853 952 953 1063 1164 1174
B Sequence Triple 420 520 530 531 630 741 842
Ratio Singel six seven nine 11 17 23 25 29 35 forty three 59 seventy one 87
EPT 121 187 289 391 473 493 595 731 841 1003 1225 1505 1849 2065 2537 3481 5133
Triple 2055–658503

Ceramic Sector Glass Industry Foodstuff Market EPTlurgy Sector Beer amp Drink Sector
EPT and dyeing Sector Textile Business Warehouse Logoistics Business EPT working EPTry
environmental protection equipment Market Leather Sector Pharmacy Industry

Firm Info

The Very best Non-StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd Design and style Manufacturing unit

Our Certifications

EPT ampDelivery

Connected Merchandise


one.Payment Expression: TT, L/C

2.Supply time: about 30 daEPTfrom EPT payment.

3.We settle for tailored merchandise as for each your EPT necessity.

four.XiHu (West Lake) Dis.hu (West Lake) Dis.lines for the Selection:Normally we can choose one EPT which is appropriate for you with some informations from you,this sort of as ratio/motor pace/mounting dimension/ out torque and so forth.

five.If the minimal orEPTamount is in extra of $10000, there are preferential.

Q1: What information need to I explain to you to validate the solution?

A:Design/Dimension, EPT Ratio, Shaft instructions amp OrEPTquantity.

Q2: What can i do if I don’t know which a single EPT?

A:Dont fret, Deliver as a lot details as you can, our group will assist you discover the rigEPT one particular you are searching for.

Q3: What is your product guarantee period of time?

A:We provide a single year guarantee since the vessel departure date left EPT.

If you have one more issue, pls really feel totally free to contact us as beneath:

Contact Us

  in Aligarh India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier X B Series Cycloidal Link Belt Gear Reducers Coaxial Gear Reducer Mulcher Gearbox Clear Plastic Gearbox Transmission manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Aligarh India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier X B Series Cycloidal Link Belt Gear Reducers Coaxial Gear Reducer Mulcher Gearbox Clear Plastic Gearbox Transmission manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

in Gold Coast Australia sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier Foshan Good Quality Cycloidal Speed Variator Gearbox manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Gold Coast Australia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Foshan Good Quality Cycloidal Speed Variator Gearbox manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

Meanwhile, our merchandise are produced in accordance to high quality standards, and complying with the worldwide advanced normal conditions. Each process, every segment, each purpose in EPG is demanded to be completed a single step following yet another, meticulously and cautiously, from content choice, reformation to producing add-ons, from components heat treatment method to automatic assembly, from top quality manage to solution inspection and screening and from buy dealing to following product sales support. The group is targeted on producing all variety of standard roller chains and sprockets, gears & gearboxes, such as conveyor chain & sprockets , stainless steel chain, agricultural chain and has not just offered its goods all more than china, but also sold much more than sixty five% products to oversees, which includes Europe, America, South-east Asia, and it also has established up storage logistics in areas like Europe. HangEPT XiHu (West Lake) Dis.ngguang Speed Variator EPT

1.Item characteristics
one.1.JWB-X sequence substantial precision speed variator with foot mounted and flange mounted
one.two.Can be combined with other varieties of EPTes (These kinds of as R Sequence, K Sequence, F Series, S Sequence, NMRV Series EPT)
one.3. Input EPT:.18KW-7.5KW
1.4. Compact composition,higher depth and EPT serving time
1.5. #1-#4 EPT housing and #5-#6 solid iron housing
one.6. Max output velocity to min output velocity is five:one
one.7. Repeatedly workable, bidirectional doing work route,sleek working,steady, and silent

2. EPT parameters

Product JEPTSeries
Base No. one#-six#
Colours Blue or OEM hues
Input EPT .eighteen-seven.5KW
Output Pace -950rpm
Output Torque 1.6-18000Nm
Maint parts EPTr,press ring,earth wheel,fixed ring,pace control cam,fixed cam
Maint parts substance GCr15
Lubrication Ub-three

one.Solution attributes

one.1. B/JXJ series cycloid pin wheel EPT the theory of planetary EPT with little teeth big difference and the new struction of cycloid EPT meshing with pin wheel
1.two. Massive Ratio:the max ratio of solitary stage is 87 and double phase is 7569,three stage is 658503
1.three. Large efficiency:80% to eighty five%
1.four. Compact framework,small quantity:volume or weigEPT can be EPT by one/two when compared with the ordinary EPT with very same ratio and EPT
one.5. Secure EPT,low noisse,EPT existence time
1.6. Use for obverse or reverse rotation

2. EPT parameters

EPT parameters: -High speed ratio and efficiency:
1)Solitary phase: 11,17, 23, 29, 35,forty three, fifty nine,seventy one,87
two) double phase: 121, 187, 289, 385, 473, 595

Model B/JXJ cycloid pin wheel EPT
Foundation No.Single Stage #—6#(single stage),10#—-63#(doubel phase)
Colors Blue or OEM shades
Enter EPT .37-30KW
Ratio nine-87(single phase),eighty one-7569(double stage)
Output Torque sixteen.ninety six-7100Nm
Maint components Base,output shaft,cycloid EPT,EPT pin,EPT roller,output shaft ring
Maint parts material GCr15
Lubrication forty# EPT oil/CKC460 EPT oil
Efficiency 80%-85%
Rotation Obverse or reverse rotation

1.Our Companies

one.1.We supply twelve months Guarantee.
1.two. We have thousands of EPT EPTs. From Input EPT .06KW to 200KW, Ratio 1.three-289.74, Output pace -1095rpm and Output torque 1.four-62800Nm. They can meet your all various specifications for different EPT.
one.3. We provide E-catalog or Paper catalog,so you can select the product easily in accordance to your demands
1.four.You are welcome to go to our manufacturing unit to check our products,we can aid you to guide the hotel or ticket

2.Firm Details

2.1.Our Organization:
The Predecessor for ZheJiang EPT Push CO.,Ltd (initially known as HangEPT XiHu (West Lake) Dis.ngguang EPT EPTry CO.,Ltd) Condition-owned navy mould EPTrpriese which estabEPTd in 1965.

EPT is situated in HangEPT,EPT and the manufacturing unit covers an spot of about 25000 square meters.

Creation Capacity:more than 50 percent a million sets of velocity EPT for each calendar year.

two.two.Our Individuals:
The company has a strong specialized pressure. It has far more than 400 personnel at existing, incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. far more than forty engineering experts and 10 experts and senior engineers enEPTing EPT allowances of the State Council.

2.3. Our Certificates:
Handed quot ISO 9001 Intercontinental EPT System Certificate quot, quotInternational EPT Credit AAA Ceritifacte quot , quot Swiss SGS Certificate quot, Iconic Model in EPT EPT Sector quot, quotFamous Brand name of ZheJiang Province quot, quotNon-public Scientific and Technological EPTrprise in ZheJiang Province quot, quotNational Substantial and EPT-tech EPTrprise quot, quotTOP fifty in EPT Gear Sector quot quot2011 HangEPT Engineering and Technological R ampD CEPTr quot and so on.

3. FAQ

Q:Are you a investing firm or manufacturer?
A: HangEPT EPT Travel Co., Ltd earlier was a Point out-owned XiHu (West Lake) Dis.ngguang Mildew Manufacturing unit, a point out-owned army EPT EPTrprise estabEPTd in 1965. It concluded reform in 2002. Because reform, EPT has deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ed speedily. It took the direct in passing ISO9001 Intercontinental EPT Technique Certificate and International EPT Credit rating AAA Certificate in 2004, and Swiss SGS Certificate in 2009. It has won these kinds of titles as quotIconic Brand name in EPT EPT Industry quot, quotFamous Brand name of ZheJiang Province quot, quotNon-community Scientific and Technological EPTrprise in ZheJiang Province quot, quotNational Substantial and EPT-tech EPTrprise quot, and quotTope fifty in EPT Gear Market quot successively

Q:The place do you base?
A: We are in HangEPT,ZheJiang ,EPT. We have two factories,EPT manufacturing facility is in XiHu (West Lake) Dis.hu (West Lake) Dis. district,HangEPT,EPT and the aged 1 is in CHangEPT District,HangEPT,EPT.

Q:What sorts of EPT can you create for us?
A:Primary products of our company: JWB-X series mechanical repeatedly variable EPT, RV series worm EPT EPT, B/JXJ cycloidal pin EPT pace EPT, NCJ sequence EPT EPT, and R, F K, S sequence helical-tooth EPT (SEW), much more than one particular hundred models and hundreds of specs.

Q:What are the software of the EPT?
A:EPT are widely utilized in ceramic, EPT, food, metallurgy, beer amp drink, printing and dyeing, textile, petrochemical engineering, warehouse EPT, wooden-working EPT, environmental security products, printing and EPT, pharmacy, and leather-based. EPT are sold in some nations around the world and areas, this sort of as Europe, The us, and SouthEPT Asia, and it possesses dozens of distributors and after-sale support agents.

Q:What is the substance you use?

A1: EPT EPT human body ( For the RV collection worm EPT Dimensions 30~ninety)

A2: Forged iron(For the RV collection worm EPT, Measurement one hundred ten-one hundred fifty, For the NCJ amp F/R/S/K series helical EPT EPT)

Our manufacturing unit (ZheJiang EPT Generate Co., Ltd.) is a huge and popular 6S stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd EPT manufacturing facility with close to 380 personnel given that 1965 . We export to South Asia, SouthEPT Asia, Africa, Center EPT, South The us, North America, Europe…and many others. We offer you EPT to SIEMENS,ABB,SACMI,BUHLER,MODENA,EPT…and so forth. Sincerely hope to establish a acquire-acquire company relationship with you.

Expecting to chat about much more specifics with you !

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Manufacturing facility: ZheJiang EPT Generate Co., Ltd. (Earlier identify: HangEPT XiHu (West Lake) Dis.ngEPTg EPT EPTry)
Incorporate: No.ten,HuiEPT EPT Park, EPTi City, XiHu (West Lake) Dis.hu (West Lake) Dis. District, HangEPT Town, ZheJiang Province, EPT.
Tel 1357175253
Internet: www.xgcd.cn

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